December 7, 2013 Transit Citizens’ Advisory Board Meeting recap

The Transit Citizens Advisory Board had several patriots attend the Saturday meeting at Greater Birmingham Ministries. Coming to us in those horribly cold conditions were demonstrating people that were knowledgeable and caring about transit, and showed a willingness to want to work to make transit first-rate.

Around our table, whatever the subject matter, the dedication of these people attending led to productive and powerful discussions seeking out what the best solutions to the Ridership’s problems should be.

Here are some of the goals we discussed:

1. Temporary facility for downtown riders to replace Central Station during construction period.

2. A permanent office for the Transit Citizens’ Advisory Board (TCAB) at the new Intermodal Station.

3. Publicize information about joining TCAB with current bus riders on MAX materials and on buses.

4. Need for a  Super Stop at Five Points West and possibility of future Super Stops in Roebuck and other multi-route stops.

We also discussed Atlanta’s MARTA system and LA’s Bus Riders Union as possible models of comparison to our own MAX system & organization.


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