The Busrider’s Dream

So Many Busriders

Waiting At The Bus Stop

Their Spirits Long Broken,

With Crushing Defeats.


What Must They Think

When They Look Around

See Cars Passing By

But Wondering Why They’re Grounded?


Does Anger Fill Them

When Society Turns Away,

From The Debts Society Owe

That Should Be Paid?


What If At This Moment,

Society Finally Decided

To Fully Fund Public Transit

At Last First Class?


To Let Busriders Know

They Are Not Ghost,

Remembering Them For Being 

Braver Than Most.


If Everyone Would 

Treat Busriders As Equals

We Would Then Find

Their Pains Erased


After Stopping Fighting To Live

Busriders Become Like Everyone Else,

A Long Lost Dream Comes True

But Remember Our Freedom’s Cost.


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