Administering Unjust Laws Impartially

That has been the practice and the joy that the bullies that rule (ruin) this state take in cruelly torturing the least assertive and self-confident citizens, the dependent bus riders, and since these bullies have had to fear no change they could not have picked a more perfect victim to inflict their pain to steal their ill-gotten wealth than the Alabama Bus Rider.

It may be impossible for most of this generation to imagine an efficient transit system meeting the needs of its riders 24 hours 7 days a week and those riders not looked upon any differently than anybody else. But then 60 years ago those oppressing bullies began passing laws aimed only at injuring the progressive advances of public transportation. While those scared whites were fleeing their cities and building their many little safe havens they made damn sure the people of color and those sitting on poverty that they left behind would have to buy a car or walk to get to their front door.

Sixty years later this a Golden Rule that still holds firm. Carless citizens in places such as Trussville and Gardendale and many others suffer in a screaming silence and have been ghettoized are not seen as contributing members of society. But the crowning achievement came, of course, when the state of Alabama didn’t want to be left out of demonstrating their supreme stupidity and the one sure way was to pass a constitutional amendment outlawing the most stable form of funding for transit-the gas tax. I was already on public transit at the time of the passage of this amendment and all the silent screaming since has been a symphony no conductor can play.

That is the overwhelming problem as silence became the riders identifying trademark and their rights were then robbed from them and their lives were to be so severely shortchanged as though to not have one. No strong leaders from the ridership ever emerged and no powerful voices from their ranks ever took hold. There was no and are no big state engines advancing or protecting the ridership so those hateful communities and our state could be as unjust as they pleased. And they were.


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